Athens Airport (ATH) to Lagadia Village

Athens Airport (ATH) to Lagadia Village

Athens Airport (ATH) to Lagadia Village Taxi - Minivan

Athens Airport (ATH) to Lagadia Village

The picturesque mountainous town of Lagadia is located roughly in the center of the Peloponnese and is amphitheatrically built on a steep, verdant slope of Mainalos, which has an inclination of 70 degrees. It is located at an altitude of 1000 meters and is 65 km from Tripoli.

In the past, Lagadia was called the “hanging village of the Peloponnese”, because it looks as if it is hanging over a wild canyon formed by the Tuthoa river.

Lagadia is divided into Pano and Kato Geitonia. Kato Mahalas is located in a verdant ravine that flows the Lagadian river, Tuthoa according to Pausanias, which is a tributary of Ladon while Pano Mahalas stands out for its picturesqueness and the unique panoramic view it offers to the visitor.

Lagadia probably got their name from the four ravines that cut the area while there are stone cobblestones that connect the 18 districts. Lagadia got their name from this landform.

The creation of the village of Lagkadia is believed to be in the 13th and 15th centuries and according to one version the first inhabitants were the craftsmen who built the castle of Akova during the Frankish period. In ancient times, the road leading to Olympia, where the Olympic Games were held, passed through Lagadia.

Lagadia is considered a stone work of art surrounded by an impressive landscape with running water, walnut trees, plane trees and picturesque cobblestones. In the central square of the village located on the edge of the ravine and surrounded by century-old plane trees, you will find traditional cafes, restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy your coffee or food and spend moments of rest and relaxation.

The stone-built village of Lagadia is a modern and ideal holiday destination that has an excellent tourist infrastructure with hotels, guesthouses and rooms for rent as well as plenty of options for entertainment and various activities.

Local Flavors & Products

In the picturesque taverns of Lagkadia you will taste delicious spit lamb, kokoretsi, splenander and salted meat. In Lagadia you can find delicious traditional sweets and local pasta. Lagadia is also famous for its excellent textiles as well as woodwork products.

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