Helpful Tips For Scam airport Athens Taxi

Helpful Tips For Scam airport Athens Taxi

Frauds in taxi charges have always been a major concern for visitors in any country, although now they are fewer than in the past. Additionally, when you request a taxi from hotel receptionists, you will end up paying more than if you make the reservation yourself because the receptionist receives an additional commission for a reservation.

Unfortunately, in Greece, several taxi drivers still attempt to overcharge tourists. Therefore, the taxi union warns travelers with signs at the airport displaying the fare charges for routes. The prices are also listed on their website.

Helpful Tips For Scam airport Athens Taxi

Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting ripped off:

  1. Make sure the meter is running. All legal taxis in Greece have a visible meter for the customer. Pay attention to whether the driver starts the meter as soon as you begin the journey. If the meter is not functioning, report it to the driver.
  2. Check via Google Maps if the route you are taking is correct compared to the route the driver is following. If it is incorrect, don’t hesitate to inform the driver.
  3. Never pay money in advance, and never negotiate the price because it is surely a scam. There are fixed prices for basic routes, such as from the airport to the center of Athens (€40) or from the airport to the port of Piraeus (€55). For other routes, the charge is based solely on the meter, with small additional fees, such as €4 from the airport and €0.40 per suitcase.
  4. Know exactly where you are going and provide clear instructions to the driver.
  5. Estimate the cost of the journey through websites before your trip, using online resources to be aware of the correct fare.

You can simply book a transfer service to have peace of mind, knowing the cost in advance without the risk of being deceived by someone. Transfer companies usually charge a slightly higher fee, for example, an additional €5 above the official price. However, you can be certain that the vehicles are new, the drivers speak English, you can always pay with a card or other payment methods, and the vehicles are consistently clean.

If you encounter an excellent taxi driver during your stay, consider leaving them a small tip. You might find yourself in need of their services again.

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