Greece Natural Thermal Spa. Baths of Pozar Almopia

Greece Natural Thermal Spa. Baths of Pozar Almopia

Greece Natural Thermal Spa - Baths of Pozar Almopia

Temples of wellness and good health in nature challenge you on a journey of the senses

Over the centuries through religions, mythologies and traditions, people attributed extraordinary to water properties. Belief in the superior nature of water had many applications in various rites, which were connected often with therapeutic practices. This connection held because quickly people they realized that the liquid element can work as a means of relief.

At a distance of 13 km from the headquarters of the Municipality of Almopia, Aridaia and 100 km. from Thessaloniki, in a beautiful location of 72 acres, Loutraki Baths or Almopia Pozar Baths, as they are popularly known known. Their name comes from the words “po” and “zar”, which they mean “under the fire”. It is a place rich in vegetation, natural harmony and many unique beauties. This special landscape combines the uniqueness and grandeur of a natural wonder: one ravine has been created in a majestic, rocky mountain and within it the Thermopotamos flows, forming small waterfalls and shallow beds at banks.

Greece Natural Thermal Spa | Baths of Pozar Almopia

The geyser is created by springs that spring up at an altitude 360-390 meters and are created by the rainwater that enters the ground, it reaches a great depth, and after heating it rises higher enriched with minerals and other beneficial ingredients.

The intense natural relief dominates the area and human beings interventions have been carried out with a view to the minimum possible changes in landscape sculpture. To serve bathers, individual baths, indoor group pools and one have been created Olympic-sized outdoor pool on a specially designed plateau parallel to the river. Walks, mountain climbing and other sports activities are allowed thanks to the bridges and paths they have shaped and follow the topography of the ground. Some of these they end up in the caves that surround the spa town and constitute the first speleological park of Greece.

The park consists of a complex 17 caves and cave formations and the paleontological findings they have found inside them are witnesses of the habitation of the area from Neolithic era.

Many of them are exposed in Physiographic – Folklore Museum of Baths, accompanied by rich photographic material. Loutra Pozar is a destination that harmoniously combines two of the basic elements of Greek nature: Earth carved by time and running water that springs from six springs and is famous for its healing properties its properties.